Friday, April 25, 2008


Nick is finished with all of his requirements!!!
Dylan had pajama day at preschool
Jaxson had his 4 month appointment

Well Nick is jumping for joy since he doesn't have to go to school anymore! His last day of school was two days ago. He saw his last patient and completed his last fillings ever! Now he just needs to go to graduation and then on to bigger and better things. He tells me you couldn't pay him a million dollars to go back and do dental school over again. Hopefully oral surgery is more enjoyable for him. Dylan had pajama day at preschool today and was thrilled to go and show Ms. Trudy his cool spider pajamas. They had crazy hair day on Wednesday, but he missed it because he had an appointment with the ENT. We found out his tubes are functioning fine now (the left tube was blocked) and we are so relieved that we won't have to have the tube in his left ear replaced. And last but not least Jaxson had his 4 month appointment. He is growing like a weed. He has just about doubled his birth weight, weighing in at almost 16 pounds. I am always worried he doesn't eat enough so maybe I should relax. He had his immunizations and did so much better this time. He only cried for the fourth shot and then calmed down when I picked him up. His measurements are as follows: height- 92nd percentile, weight- 66th percentile, and head circumference- 95th percentile. What can I say, my kids have big heads. They gave him a cute sticker for being such a good baby. I don't have much to say about me except for I am stressed out because my house is a mess and we are waiting for our boxes so we can begin packing. Oh and we are desperately trying to sell our junk on craigs list. To make matters worse I think Dylan really is going to miss his friends when we leave. He has started getting kind of teary eyed about it. I thought he would be fine and be excited to move to Memphis and meet his new friends, but this may be harder than I thought. He is even saying he is going to miss his preschool teacher "so so much." I still think once we leave he will adjust fine, as most kids his age do quickly.  I can't believe we are down to two weeks left!

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The Browns said...

Your blog is so cute! The baby pictures are adorable, only in VG or Provo too I guess. I cant believe you guys are almost done! See I am STILL here. Good luck in Oral Surgery! yeah! take care - Nicole