Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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I just got back from Maryland on Sunday. I took the kids there for a couple weeks, since Nick has been pretty busy with his residency. I also hadn't been home in a year and a half so I definitely needed to visit! We all had a blast. I won't bother typing everything we did, since you can watch the slide show. My mom was a huge help and provided me a much needed break. I was kind of spoiled actually. I took a nap everyday and she pretty much took over my job as mom while we were there. The kids loved it and she enjoyed spoiling them! I was lucky enough to hang out with some friends and even went to the movies twice! I saw the Batman movie and Pineapple Express. Batman was really good, and I recommend watching it, if you haven't seen it. We also had unusually nice weather while we were there. Usually it is hot and humid in August but we lucked out. I really didn't want to leave but Nick said we had to come back! Dylan was really attached to my brother and wanted to hang out with him all the time, it was really cute. In a way it has been good to get back home and fall back into a routine. I miss the east coast like crazy, and I wish we were living there. The summer has really flown by, I can't believe it is nearly September!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chickasaw State Park

Dylan building a sand castle
Jaxson hanging out on the beach
Nick and the boys
Collin, Boo, Dylan, Lexi

This past weekend we went to Chickasaw State Park with some friends of ours.  Basically it is a large lake with a swimming beach.  It was only an hour drive from where we live.  It was a gorgeous drive and the lake was located in a beautiful area.  It was very hot that day and I spent a lot of time trying to make sure Jaxson didn't over heat!  Sometimes hot day trips are not the easiest with babies, but we made it work and had fun anyways.  Dylan didn't want to leave!  Hopefully we can make it back there again.  I wish we had a real beach but you have to make due with what you have!