Thursday, November 13, 2008

End of the season soccer party

Last Saturday Dylan had his soccer party marking the end of the season. We had Pizza and took some pictures with the team. Dylan was so excited to get a trophy and his certificate of completion. I wish we got him a trophy for when he played soccer last spring, and I guess I still can if I order one! I included a picture of Jaxson since he will hopefully be our next little soccer player. The funniest thing happened when we were driving home after the party. I asked Dylan "What does your trophy say?" He looked at his trophy and very seriously began "reading" and this is what he told us was written on the trophy...

"Dear Dylan,
you won lots and lots of goals, that's why you get a trophy. Next time win lots more goals and you will get another trophy."

Some of the things Dylan comes up with are just hilarious, and it makes me want to start documenting them on my blog so I don't forget. I actually wrote this down after he said it because I knew I would forget what he said if I didn't! We can't wait until spring so he can play soccer again. He loves it!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Me and Emily
Tammy, Emily, me, and Starla
Our family
Dylan going down the moon bounce slides
Jaxson hanging out in his stroller
Nick and Steve
Me and Rebecca
Dylan bowling
Nick and the boys
Dylan with his glow stick
Lexi and Dylan
Little Pirate Tucker

Halloween weekend was crazy for us. Nick's friend Steve who went to dental school with him in Omaha flew out here and stayed with us for a couple days. He had an interview here in Memphis for a pediatric dentistry residency. We wish him the best of luck with the rest of his interviews! The day of Halloween Dylan went to preschool and had a great time with their Halloween festivities. After that my friend Emily was having a little bash at her house before the evening started. Nick was still stuck at his residency so Steve was my date ;) After that everyone headed to this huge baptist church that has a Halloween carnival every year. It was crazy!!! They had tons of moon bounces, rides, and were giving out candy to the kids. Best of all it was all free if you can believe that! I dressed up as a pirate and when Nick showed up he was still in his scrubs, so I guess you can say he went as himself, a resident!!! After the carnival we headed back to do some trick or treating. Emily's neighborhood had some trick or treaters still out so we took Dylan there. He was spider man of course. Jaxson was supposed to be a little devil but it was late and chilly so we kind of just didn't bother putting his costume on. It was such a fun night and I have to thank Emily for opening up her house to everyone. By the way in the top picture with me and Emily posing, we caught some perverted random guy taking our picture at the same time!!! I am still a little freaked out about that...

Happy Birthday Tami!

Yesterday a few of us went out to lunch for our friend Tami's birthday. It was so much fun going out to lunch with just the girls (no kids!) Our server was awesome and seemed extra excited to pose with us in this picture! We went to a place called On The Border for lunch. It is pretty good and I have been there before since we have it in Maryland. I needed this day out since last night it was our turn to babysit. Did I mention we babysit 7 other kids besides our own once a month, in exchange for 3 dates a month. Did I also mention that all of the 9 kids are under the age of 4??? Are we crazy or what!?! Luckily the kids are all great as well as the parents who we are lucky to have as friends. So that's what we are up to the first weekend each month!

California Trip!!!

We got back from California last week and it was a fun trip. We had a chance to visit my brother and sister in law and Dylan got a chance to hang out with his cousins Quincey and Presley. While we were there we got to visit Lego Land and Disney Land. I didn't get a ton of pictures while we were at Disney Land since the camera ran out of battery. The only down side to our trip was Nick came down with the stomach flu and then gave it to Maren after we left. Sorry about that!!! Dylan and Quincey are the same age and played great together. He misses her already! Thanks for everything Barry and Maren!

Tom's Farm

Me and the kids in the corn maze
All the kids excited to enter the corn maze
Lexi, Jaxson, and Dylan
Posing on pumpkins
Digging through lots of corn
Picnic Lunch

A couple Saturdays ago we went to Tom's farm with some of our friends. I went with the kids since Nick was at the hospital that day. We went right after Dylan's soccer game. There was a really great corn maze, a little pumpkin patch, hay rides ect.. The kids had a blast and I got some good exercise trying to find my way out of the corn maze. Still doesn't compare to Valla's pumpkin patch in Omaha but I think that was our first time going through a corn maze and it was worth the trip!

Football Game

Me and Nick
Matt and Katie

Nick and I went to the Memphis vs Louisville football game. This is the first football game I have been to since high school I think. October has been great here in Memphis so we had perfect weather. We went with Nick's other first year resident Matt and his wife Katie. It was a great night!