Sunday, January 15, 2012

Final Destination.... Tucson Arizona!!!

The count down is on! Five months left until we move. Nick joined a group practice in Tucson Arizona. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of Arizona but after living in Memphis for nearly 4 years, anywhere was starting to look good! After a few visits to Arizona over the past couple years, I really started feeling like this was somewhere I could live. To be honest I have never been there during summer. Each time I have been there has happened to be in October. So of course the weather was perfect and sunny as opposed to scorching hot. Memphis summers are pretty miserable too though, especially with the humidity down here in the south. People tell me the dry heat is much better. I will let you know when we move in June! There is a natural beauty down there that surprised me. While phoenix is very flat and artificially landscaped, Tucson is surrounded by mountains and is covered with desert plant life. I wouldn't mind a little artificial landscaping though, especially for neighborhoods and shopping centers etc.. If only they had a good balance of both it would be perfect! It is always around ten degrees cooler than Phoenix so I am excited about that. I was surprised to know they have a mountain called Mt. Lemmon that gets snow and you can ski in the winter. I have talked to a few people who have lived there or knew people who had lived there and the reviews have been very positive. I am a little nervous to move to a brand new area and know we will be there for the long run. This was a great opportunity and I am relieved he won't be starting up his own practice though... I am ready to have a husband that is actually around and earning some more money as opposed to getting in more debt sounds nice too! Last time I blogged I said I would blog more regularly and I am really committing to that now. There are going to be so many changes in our lives, I need to get better at documenting it all!