Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun Weekend

Banana Republic's Newest Models
The Whole Gang
Good Friends!

This weekend Cameron and Tiffany Egbert came back in town for a visit.  They used to live here before they moved to Wisconsin for oral surgery.  The kids played all day everyday, and we all got a chance to hang out.  We went to our favorite restaurant Johnny's Italian Steakhouse and left the kids with a sitter.  I still brought Jaxson though since he isn't much of a disruption yet!  I am going to miss this place when we leave, the food is great!  We did a little shopping afterwards and had a good laugh when the guys put on hats and sunglasses and struck a pose!  I can't believe we are leaving in 6 weeks!  I guess we need to make the most of it before it's over! 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dylan's Soccer Team

We received an email about a little soccer team that was being put together for 3 and 4 year olds in Village Green.  Knowing Dylan is a sports fanatic we couldn't pass up the chance!  They play at the YMCA and the team consists of Dylan, Jantsen, Lexi, and Sadie.  I guess Janel was the coach for their game, which is perfect since Janel has been an avid soccer player for years.  I missed the game since Jaxson had received his immunization shots earlier in the day and was not a happy baby :(  Luckily Nick could go and give me all the details.  From what I hear it was a lot of fun and a few tears were shed when the ball was taken from Dylan and others.  They haven't quite learned how the game goes yet!  It is so cute to see Dylan's in his soccer gear (thanks Janel for getting Dylan's stuff!)  I can't wait to go see his next game.  Nick says Dylan is pretty good, but what dad wouldn't say that right?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sweet Moves...

Dylan was showing off some of his dance moves the other day. We have a better video but it was too big to upload. He can break it down with his moves!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visiting The Easter Bunny

Last night we went to the mall to get some pictures of the kids with the easter bunny.   Our friends the Smiths came too.  Dylan and Jantsen were so excited to see the easter bunny and we almost missed him.  They had actually closed down, and the guy was out of his costume.  Luckily Janel was with us since she kind of convinced him to get back in his costume for our kids!  I'm not that assertive, and probably would have turned around and gone back home!  After we got some pictures, the boys were dancing with easter bunny.  See Janel's blog for the video, it is hilarious!  We gave the guy a ten dollar tip for being such a good sport and getting back in his costume.  I am glad Jaxson is too young to be afraid of the easter bunny.  Janel's little girl shrieked when they tried to hand her over to him!  I never thought these kinds of activities would still be fun as an adult, but I love taking Dylan and Jaxson to do kiddie things!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wii Night

Playing the boxing game (blocking punches here I think)
Don't ask me how their moves are so synchronized! 
Jaxson and Bridget
Cute Couple

Tonight we were invited over for dinner at Chris and Naomi's house.  We have been friends with them for a while and they are so fun to hang out with.  They have a Wii, which I think everybody but me has played before.  I think I tried it once at the mall when it first came out but thats it.  It was fun to play with and even more fun watching Chris and Nick give it a go.  Guys are so competitive!  Besides Wii the only other games I enjoy playing are dance dance revolution and we just got American Idol revolution the other day.  Just for the record I cannot dance or sing but sometimes it is fun to make a fool out of myself trying.  But anyways... Naomi and I had jaxson and bridget one day apart from each other.  It is fun to compare sizes ect.. I am pretty sure Bridget has Jaxson beat in weight (you should see those legs!)  I guess Nick and I don't get to have chubby babies which is sad because I think they are so cute!  I also forgot to mention they have a little boy who is 3 that Dylan likes to play with.  We had a fun playing!!! 

Saturday, March 8, 2008

House Hunting in Memphis

Well, after 3 frantic days in Memphis, we finally found a house that Nick & I both agreed upon.  I wanted a house that was a little bit different but it didn't have a yard, and Nick insisted on having at least somewhat of a yard, so we found a house that had a pretty big yard and a floor plan that I liked.  It has 4 bedrooms (although we'll use one as a bonus room), 2 baths and an expandable area.  It's in a really pretty neighborhood and we are just down the road from two other oral surgery residents.  I met their wives & really liked them!  Also, they both have 4 year old boys, so Dylan will have playmates when we move there.  It's in a nice area close to a lot of shopping.  We won't even have to go on the freeway to get to anything.  But it is a little bit of a commute for Nick (like 20-25 min.).  We'll be moving out there in May later this year.  We're sad to be leaving all our friends in Village Green, but excited at the same time to start something new.  Hopefully someone will come and visit us sometime!

Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban Concert!!!!!!!!

Last night Nick and I went to the Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood concert.  It was AWESOME!!!  Our seats were actually really high up but we just decided to sit in the seats right behind the stage to the right and we were actually really close to the performers (although we couldn't see the screen behind them!)  There was a lady with binoculars in front of us and she kept insisting that we used them.  It's actually pretty cool to see with binoculars!  It was cool to see what the performers did backstage, Carrie Underwood puts on fresh makeup during every break she has!! It was kind of funny.  We were in such a frantic rush to get the kids to the babysitters (thanks Joanna & Paul & Julee!) that we forgot our camera, but I'm sure Dana & Janel took lots so if you want to see live pictures, see their blogs!