Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Visiting The Easter Bunny

Last night we went to the mall to get some pictures of the kids with the easter bunny.   Our friends the Smiths came too.  Dylan and Jantsen were so excited to see the easter bunny and we almost missed him.  They had actually closed down, and the guy was out of his costume.  Luckily Janel was with us since she kind of convinced him to get back in his costume for our kids!  I'm not that assertive, and probably would have turned around and gone back home!  After we got some pictures, the boys were dancing with easter bunny.  See Janel's blog for the video, it is hilarious!  We gave the guy a ten dollar tip for being such a good sport and getting back in his costume.  I am glad Jaxson is too young to be afraid of the easter bunny.  Janel's little girl shrieked when they tried to hand her over to him!  I never thought these kinds of activities would still be fun as an adult, but I love taking Dylan and Jaxson to do kiddie things!


Kyle and Janel said...

I am so glad that we went. Great Idea and I am totally with you about it being fun for adults as well!

The Stanley's said...

Your blog is so cute! And your new house is BEAUTIFUL- How exciting! Let's get together for lunch or something next week. Let me know what works for you.