Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wii Night

Playing the boxing game (blocking punches here I think)
Don't ask me how their moves are so synchronized! 
Jaxson and Bridget
Cute Couple

Tonight we were invited over for dinner at Chris and Naomi's house.  We have been friends with them for a while and they are so fun to hang out with.  They have a Wii, which I think everybody but me has played before.  I think I tried it once at the mall when it first came out but thats it.  It was fun to play with and even more fun watching Chris and Nick give it a go.  Guys are so competitive!  Besides Wii the only other games I enjoy playing are dance dance revolution and we just got American Idol revolution the other day.  Just for the record I cannot dance or sing but sometimes it is fun to make a fool out of myself trying.  But anyways... Naomi and I had jaxson and bridget one day apart from each other.  It is fun to compare sizes ect.. I am pretty sure Bridget has Jaxson beat in weight (you should see those legs!)  I guess Nick and I don't get to have chubby babies which is sad because I think they are so cute!  I also forgot to mention they have a little boy who is 3 that Dylan likes to play with.  We had a fun playing!!! 


Brian, Summer, Karaline, Megan said...

Hi Jeannette. Well now you know somebody else who has never played a Wii, actually I've never even seen one! Yep, we are having a boy. I love the house you guys bought, you must be so excited!!
: )Summer

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

Hey, the wii looks fun. I havent ever tried it either. We need to get together and play American Idol. That could be hilarious. Talk to you soon.