Sunday, October 12, 2008

Go McCain!

This is Nick, I thought I would Hi-jack Jeannette's Blog for a day to give a plug for the McCain-Palin ticket. Go McCain!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I got tagged!


Eight TV shows I love to watch
  1. Heroes
  2. So you think you can dance
  3. America's got talent
  4. The office
  5. House
  6. 24
  7. The soup
  8. Bachelor/Bachelorette
Eight things that happened to me yesterday
  1. Got a phone call from Midas saying the Maxima will be 1000 bucks to repair and not finished until Monday
  2. Got Dylan ready for preschool
  3. Spent the entire duration of Jaxson's second nap holding him since he would instantly wake when I layed him down
  4. Got a phone call from Starla asking if we wanted free tickets/parking pass to the Louisville vs Memphis football game
  5. Got kids stuff all packed and ready to go so Brandon and Natalie could babysit
  6. Wait for Nick to get home, then dropped the kids off at sitters
  7. Went to the game with a couple from Nick's residency
  8. Got back to the sitters close to midnight to get our kids (thanks Brandon and Natalie!)
Eight favorite places to eat
  1. Cafe 61
  2. Pei Wei
  3. Central BBQ
  4. Bon Thai
  5. El Napal
  6. Chilis
  7. Chick-Fila
  8. Sonic
Eight things I am looking forward to
  1. Date night this weekend
  2. California trip... Disney Land!
  3. Halloween activities
  4. Halloween
  5. Cooler weather
  6. December (Jaxson's first birthday/Christmas)
  7. A real vacation (cruise this spring?)
  8. Nick's first year of residency to end
Eight things on my wish list
  1. Jaxson will sleep through the night
  2. Getting in shape
  3. Completing home renovations
  4. A bigger car eventually
  5. Having a baby girl (eventually! Not soon!)
  6. Having more energy to get things done like keep the house sparkling clean
  7. Having kids see my side of the family more often
  8. Nick enjoying helping out with the housework and waking up with Jaxson ;)
Eight people I tag
  1. Maren
  2. Janel
  3. Dana
  4. Tiff
  5. Angel
  6. Amanda
  7. Carolyn
  8. Michelle

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Project

Yesterday was a busy day for us. Dylan had his soccer game at 9:00 am and we are proud to announce he scored two goals! After that my friend Whitney suggested we decorate pumpkins at her house since our our husbands were either away or busy all day. This idea came from a magazine and it was a fun project. We used spray paint to color the pumpkins and cut Halloween fabric for the eyes, nose, and mouth and pasted it on the pumpkin. Our kids just painted whatever they wanted on the pumpkins and added pipe cleaners for hair and glued some other decorations on the pumpkins. It was really fun and we were also pretty exhausted by the end of the afternoon. (note my grunge appearance.) I still plan on carving pumpkins but will save that until Halloween comes closer. I am lucky to have some crafty friends so I can do some of this stuff more often!