Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Since there is no way I can catch up to a year of no blogging... Here is an update!

Halle in September (almost 6 months)
Family picture taken at Gulf Shores AL Sept 2010
The 3 kiddos October 2010
Halle in her pumpkin jammies

I don't know why I haven't blogged in a year. Probably a combination of laziness and using facebook much more often. Actually I am pretty sure that nobody reads my blog anymore so I will most likely be starting from scratch! I have decided I should at least blog for journal purposes and I miss reading other people's blogs as well. I also don't know how to arrange my pictures in cute ways or do anything fancy with my blog (like many of my friends do) so that has had me in an unmotivated state! Maybe someone can teach me :) As I stated above I will just provide a quick update of where we are in our lives as of right now. I also still need to upload some more current pictures, so these are just some cute ones taken in the past few months.

We are in our third year of oral surgery residency! Only about a year and a half left and it will be time for real life. I must say, I have gotten rather used to living the student life and moving around. I don't know what it will be like to settle in a final location and actually have a husband that has a REAL job and a REAL salary. So far we do not know where we are going for sure yet. Nick has really been focusing on Arizona and I am just starting to get used to the idea. I just don't know about living somewhere with extremely hot summers and not having the normal 4 seasons. I do like snow sometimes and I am having a hard time thinking I will spend the rest of my life living in the desert. But... So many people love Arizona so maybe there is something too it! Still, nothing is for sure. Nick still has to visit places and explore other options before the decision is made!

Ok Now about me. I am still just staying home and feeling rather busy with 3 kids. I just got a gym membership to Lifetime Fitness which I love. Seriously it is the best gym ever. I just hope I can find one when we move! I needed this membership so I can get back in shape. I have never had too much of a problem losing the baby weight, but I have problems with postpartum flab and feeling tired a lot. I think hoping for a bikini body is beyond my capabilities but if I can look good in my clothes I will take it! Besides that I have been participating in card club which is fun and reminds me of card club from Omaha! Oh and I also have a sewing machine that I need to use more often! I still barely know how to work it, but with the help of friends I have made some amazing projects. I need to get better at organizing my life so I have time to do fun things and not just things I have to do.

Dylan is in the first grade and attending a new school this year. They finished building it this summer so it is very nice. He is also in an optional program they offer which focuses on science/the environment. He really likes it and I am impressed with how much he has learned. My only complaint is that school starts at 7:15 am. The bus comes at six something every morning and it has been so hard on us both! Dylan is not an early riser. He must take after his mother and father! The nice thing is that the school provided breakfast free of charge, so I don't have to worry about that. I really feel like elementary students should not have to go to school so early, and hopefully when we move we will not encounter this problem again!

Jaxson turned 3 years old in December. He will be starting preschool next year and I can't wait! We started potty training a couple weeks ago and he has been so much easier than Dylan. Pretty much had it down in a week and he has had a couple random accidents but he is doing very well. Those couple accidents have been with #2 which seems to be harder for my boys to get the hang of. I really don't get it, but changing a couple messes is so much better than changing daily dirty diapers. Jaxson loves pretty much all things Dylan loves so there has been a little fighting. He also adores Halle but now that she is mobile and goes after his stuff he gets mad at her. Ahhh the middle child syndrome...

Halle is ten months old. She has been crawling all over the place. She loves to put everything and anything in her mouth and it is a little scary. Not to mention she doesn't spit stuff out she really tries to eat whatever she gets her hands on. She has been teething the past couple weeks which has not been fun. She got her lower teeth 2 months ago and has been trying to cut the top teeth which is taking forever. She hasn't been loving her bottles lately but will at least eat her baby food and loves real food too. Despite the teething she usually sleeps through the night. She was such a hard baby up to six months that the fact that she will now take decent naps and sleep at night amazes me. I thought we would never get there! She is a happy girl but can definitely throw a tantrum if she is really upset. Usually she reserves her screaming fits for times she wakes up at night and don't get her fast enough, or wakes up but is so tired and cranky she just doesn't know what to do with herself. This behavior has been new to me since my boys were a little more easy going. I can't complain to0 much she really does sleep well and likes to sleep in or just hang out in her crib for a long time each morning.

This concludes my update and hopefully a year won't go by before I post again. I am actually going to make it a priority to blog regularly from now on so that won't happen again! More current pictures will be coming soon!