Friday, January 16, 2009

Monster Jam!!!

Dylan in front of Grave Digger
Doesn't he look great on that four wheeler?
Britton, Dylan, and Devin
Dylan and Nick with one of the drivers
That is one huge wheel!
Grave Digger preparing to do some damage
Dylan and his friend Boo
Dylan and Nick

When I heard Monster Jam was coming to Memphis I knew that Dylan would love this! Plus what kind of southerners would we be if we missed this kind of event? I really wanted to go but I stayed home with Jaxson instead. I figured this event wouldn't be enjoyable with a one year old baby! Plus these things get so loud that you need ear plugs. Nick and Dylan came prepared with some thanks to a friend's warning. Well, as predicted Dylan had a blast. His favorite monster truck was Grave Digger. He couldn't stop talking about this when he came home that night. A couple of the other oral surgery residents took their kids, so it was even more fun for Dylan to see his friends there. Nick got there an hour early so he could go down in the pit. That's when you can get pictures with the trucks and meet the drivers. Nick said that was really cool. If Monster Jam comes back to Memphis I am so going! I don't know if that is kind of weird that I would want to go, but I have never been to anything like that so it would be an experience. Fun times here in Memphis!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surprise Party For Me!

My friend Whitney made a delicious cake!
From left to right: Starla, Flor, Emily, Whitney, Natalie, Me, Rebecca, Angel

My friend Emily was nice enough to throw me a birthday party at her house last Sunday.  It was really fun to get together with friends and enjoy some good food plus a really good birthday cake!  It was supposed to be a surprise but I knew something was up when Emily called asking me "um so, where's your favorite place to shop?"  The girls put together some cash and a gift card for me which was awesome!  I am still deciding on what to use it on and have made a vow not to spend it on my kids.  I haven't had an a birthday cake in 4 years so I was really happy to have one this year!  In dental school we always seemed to be traveling on the 2nd, or just going out to eat with friends so that is why I have not had a cake for so long!  And this is kind of sad but I haven't had an actually party thrown for me since I turned 18.  Nick isn't one to plan anything beyond going to a restaurant, so maybe I should start demanding a cake and party from here on out!  Anyways, I just wanted to add a thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate my birthday with me :)  I'm lucky to know such great people here in Memphis!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am 26 years old

I was born January 2, 1983 in Silver Spring Maryland
I was surprised to have flowers delivered to my door!
Nick and I at dinner

Besides the pretty flowers, Nick also surprised me by making dinner reservations to a fancy restaurant called "Folks Follys" which is a really good steak house. The food was really good, we loved it. After dinner we went to the movies to see "Valkyrie" which was pretty good. As if all of this wasn't enough Nick got me a box of chocolates and two DVDs! I don't know what I did to deserve all of this but I really enjoyed my birthday this year. For a while I felt apprehensive to the fact I was turning 26. I wasn't sure why for a while until a friend reminded me it was because I was now closer to thirty than I was to twenty. Yeah that was definitely what was bugging me, but I am ok now. I still have my youth for four more years. Ok I am joking, thirty is still young right? At least that's what I keep telling myself! Anyways thanks Nick for making my birthday so special. Oh and thanks to the Larsens too for watching our kids even though Friday was our weekend to babysit!

Christmas Day

Dylan and Jax Christmas morning
Jaxson's new toy
Nick got guitar hero
Another exciting gift
The "man groomer" my favorite gift (yes there is a story behind this one)

Christmas morning was really great. The kids both woke up around the same time and the first thing Dylan did was run right past our bedroom and out to the living room to see if Santa came. He then came back for us to tell us the good news. Nick gave me the "man groomer" from bed bath and beyond as one of my gifts. No it is not for my use but his. My friend Dana from Omaha had told me about this product last spring and I had been telling Nick all year he needed to go get it. I almost went and got it myself a few times, but kept forgetting. So imagine my surprise when I opened it Christmas morning. Now Nick will be properly groomed and that makes me happy even if it is for his use. I am sure he will thank me for giving him the advice of purchasing it. I also got some really nice gifts that were for my use by the way :) Anyways after we opened presents we went over to the Larsens for Christmas dinner. We brought over home made stuffing (I had never made anything but stove top) so this was something new for me. It turned out pretty well. We played games after we ate and had a really fun time. Over all we had a very good first Christmas here in Memphis. Thanks again to the Larsens for having us over.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve

Excited for Christmas!
Christmas stories
Gingerbread houses
The nativity scene acted out by the kids
Nick and Jaxson

My friend Angel was gracious enough to host a Christmas Eve party at her house. It was a fun night and the kids loved it. Dylan really liked decorating his gingerbread house and Jaxson had fun going after Angel's Christmas tree or playing with fridge magnets the whole time. He was a happy boy the whole time so we couldn't complain. I made my home made oreos and they were eaten up pretty quickly. It was nice to spend Christmas eve with friends. Thanks for having us again Angel!