Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day

Dylan and Jax Christmas morning
Jaxson's new toy
Nick got guitar hero
Another exciting gift
The "man groomer" my favorite gift (yes there is a story behind this one)

Christmas morning was really great. The kids both woke up around the same time and the first thing Dylan did was run right past our bedroom and out to the living room to see if Santa came. He then came back for us to tell us the good news. Nick gave me the "man groomer" from bed bath and beyond as one of my gifts. No it is not for my use but his. My friend Dana from Omaha had told me about this product last spring and I had been telling Nick all year he needed to go get it. I almost went and got it myself a few times, but kept forgetting. So imagine my surprise when I opened it Christmas morning. Now Nick will be properly groomed and that makes me happy even if it is for his use. I am sure he will thank me for giving him the advice of purchasing it. I also got some really nice gifts that were for my use by the way :) Anyways after we opened presents we went over to the Larsens for Christmas dinner. We brought over home made stuffing (I had never made anything but stove top) so this was something new for me. It turned out pretty well. We played games after we ate and had a really fun time. Over all we had a very good first Christmas here in Memphis. Thanks again to the Larsens for having us over.


Marshall and Dana said...

Fun pics! Thanks for mentioning me and the MAN GROOMER in the same post;) No people we don't have one, I just saw it in a magazine and we thought it was funny!!! Thats hilarious that Nick actually bought it for himself!! Your boys are so cute. You need to plan a trip out here sometime this year!

emily said...

a little TMI that nick has needed a grooming kit for the past year!

Carl and Starla said...

Glad that you guys had such a good Christmas! What the heck is a man groomer?