Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Toys!!!

Testing out the pool
Getting ready to shoot a basket!
Finally entertained without being held!
Brotherly love
Sitting up (almost!)

Well the weather has really been heating up here in Tennessee, but it is not too bad yet. Since we are not going to have a pool we got the next best thing.. A fake one! I really wanted one of these in Omaha, but we didn't have any yard to put one on. Dylan tested it out today and enjoyed it. Next time we will have to invite his friends over and have a pool party. We also needed to find something to entertain Jaxson. The bouncer only keeps him happy for so long and he instantly fusses when placed in his swing. I found an exersaucer at Target which has lots of toys, lights, and music to keep in occupied. Nick didn't want me to buy it because it was expensive and said Jaxson probably won't even use it. Well we proved him wrong! Dylan and Jaxson have been bonding since he isn't playing with other kids a ton. it is really cute to see how he is with Jaxson. He pretty much just imitates the way Nick and I act with Jaxson, but it is cute to see a 4 year old do it. Jaxson is close to sitting up straight without using his hands to hold him up. He is growing up fast. Yesterday we had a barbecue at our house and imvited couple of the oral surgery residents that live by us. We had like ten kids running wild in our house, and surprisingly nothing ended up broken. Nick would be devestated if something had happened to his baby. And it's not Jaxson I am talking about... it's the big screen tv! Anways, we will be off to Utah for a couple weeks, so I won't be blogging for a while. I will hopefully have some new pictures and updates when I get back.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moved to memphis

Well we are finally here.  Actually we arrived Sunday night, but I have been slacking with the blog.  We are pretty much completely unpacked which is a major accomplishment for us!  So far we have just been running around buying stuff.  I didn't think moving would be nearly as expensive as it has been!  A lot of that is due to the fact we have a yard to maintain now, and we had no lawn mower or gardening tools before.  We plan on not letting our flowers die (like we did in village green!)  I love having a house with lots of space!  I also love that every store I can possibly think of is 5 minutes away!  The mall is that close too!  I don't know if I am ever going to have to drive further than that the whole 4 years we are here!  It is crazy how much shopping there is all around us.  Actually memphis is the only place I know of that puts churches in shopping centers!  I found that rather strange.  Dylan loves it here but is not used to being on his own so much.  In Omaha he played with friends 24/7.  Now it is really different and when he brings up his Omaha friends it makes my heart ache for him.  I think I am going to buy him some fish or something cause I feel bad for him!  Hopefully when he starts preschool this year, he will have a chance to be more social.   We are going to Utah for a couple weeks at the end of May so hopefully it will be a little bit of a vacation.  Nick promises we will do fun things instead of sitting around his parents house, so we'll see.  I wanted to post pictures of our last events in Omaha but I can't find the cord to upload our pictures so that will have to wait.  Hopefully soon though!