Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dylan's Soccer Team

We received an email about a little soccer team that was being put together for 3 and 4 year olds in Village Green.  Knowing Dylan is a sports fanatic we couldn't pass up the chance!  They play at the YMCA and the team consists of Dylan, Jantsen, Lexi, and Sadie.  I guess Janel was the coach for their game, which is perfect since Janel has been an avid soccer player for years.  I missed the game since Jaxson had received his immunization shots earlier in the day and was not a happy baby :(  Luckily Nick could go and give me all the details.  From what I hear it was a lot of fun and a few tears were shed when the ball was taken from Dylan and others.  They haven't quite learned how the game goes yet!  It is so cute to see Dylan's in his soccer gear (thanks Janel for getting Dylan's stuff!)  I can't wait to go see his next game.  Nick says Dylan is pretty good, but what dad wouldn't say that right?

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