Thursday, April 17, 2008

December Moms Reunion

From left to right: Naomi, Nona, Me, Tammy, Camille (December 2007)
Here we are with all the babies (April 2008)Babies in moms' arms from left to right: Bridget Huddleston, Lia Durham, Jaxson Coles, Holly Kreutz, Hudson Himmerich, Ashley Gordon
Jaxson is sandwiched in the middle
Funny Picture
Tummy Time!

A couple days ago I got a phone call saying we were taking pictures of the babies at Naomi's house. The problem was it was 10:00 am and anyone who knows me can be sure that we are not ready for the day unless I have something planned ahead of time. So when I was told to come over right then I was scrambling! I basically threw on some clothes and brought my kids in their PJs. Just wanted to explain why I have no make up on and my hair is a mess in this picture! I just think we live in such a unique place. There are always waves of pregnancies and I know this wasn't even all the moms who had babies in December! How funny we were all due within a week of each other!


The Stanley's said...

SO CUTE!!! I wish I could have made it ( I already had other plans). The pictures turned out so cute I would have loved Parker to be in them- what a fun scrap book page. Oh.... I am so excited that Jaxon rolled over. Your messages cracked me up. I can't believe he rolled of the couch! I don't blame you, I would of been mad too!:)

Creative Corner said...

The pictures are so cute. and so many pregnant at the same time. How fun. I miss that place tell Naomi congrats when I was there she had just found out! She is way cute.

tiff said...

How cute. I wanted you to know that i missed you also. I didn't have a picture of you to post on my blog. Hope all is well with the packing.