Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jaxson's 3 month pictures

We had our friend Kellie take some pictures of Jaxson when he turned three months old.  She also did our other family pictures which we love!  I have been trying to decide which ones I want to order.  I think these two are my favorite.  We had a hard time the day of his pictures.  He ended up being pretty tired the whole time and wasn't too smiley.  His eyes aren't opened very wide in a lot of the pictures since he was so tired.  He was still a good boy for us and managed to cooperate.  For the last shots we laid the green background on our kitchen table, and he fell asleep right there after Kellie took his last picture.  Poor little guy!  I wish we could take Kellie with us to Memphis, since she does such a great job with pictures!  Thanks again Kellie!

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tiff said...

I love them both. The top one is my favorite.