Monday, December 29, 2008

Visitng Santa

Santa and the boys
Jaxson and Dylan at the play place
Playing a wall puzzle

I took the kids to visit Santa at the mall, so Dylan could tell him what he wanted for Christmas and so I could get a cute picture. Luckily I got a picture where Jaxson wasn't crying. He was scared of Santa and was crying pretty much the whole time he was on Santa's lap except for this picture. Dylan told Santa he wanted three things.

1. A really awesome race track
2. An airplane
3. A yo-yo

After visiting Santa I took the kids to the play area so they could run around a bit. I think this was Jaxson's first time being in the mall play area and being old enough to actually play. They both had fun. When we were leaving Dylan said we had to look for the reindeer since I told him they were waiting for Santa on the roof. Luckily he let us drive off without searching the whole perimeter of the mall's roof for reindeer. I explained that the mall is too big and we can't see where they might be. I don't know if that will fly next year!


Carl and Starla said...

Looks like both boys enjoyed visiting Santa. I am back, but just taking a vacation from the vacation. Carl has tomorrow off & we are both going to the gym...he got a membership from me for Christmas. Anyway, I would love to go to the hip hop class & any other class for that matter- so yes, I'm game!

Michelle said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!