Friday, December 19, 2008

27 years ago today...

Nicholas John Coles was born in Price, Utah December 19th 1981

27 things about Nick
  1. Nick is very farsighted. He got glasses as a toddler, and they were those huge and thick old school type. Wish I had pictures to post!
  2. When he was 14 he was rock climbing for a cub scouts trip, and a huge rock fell on his hand and crushed his fingers. He underwent surgery, which fixed his fingers, but a couple of his fingers on that hand are different than the others.
  3. He was a smart kid! He was in gifted classes and skipped a grade. He went through school pretty quickly by testing out of classes.
  4. He served a 2 year mission for the LDS church in Uruguay.
  5. He doesn't have a bachelors degree, but since that was not a requirement for dental school he was accepted and now has the title of D.D.S
  6. Nick is one of five children. Only one of his siblings did not pursue dentistry. (oh yeah and his dad is a dentist too!)
  7. He underwent oral surgery after his first year of dental school, which made him begin to consider the profession seriously. He also had to drink all of his food straight from the blender after the procedure, for six weeks :(
  8. Nick is a sports fanatic and has loves ESPN.
  9. Nick is also an xbox fanatic but now oral surgery consumes too much of his time.
  10. Nick is the true definition of a night owl and has had a hard time adjusting to the early bird mornings that his residency requires each morning.
  11. He gets along with lots of different kinds of people and makes friends easily.
  12. He hates the texture of velvet and he can't stand touching it. He says for him it is like nails on a chalkboard.
  13. He has had allergies here in Memphis and has coined the nickname Jimmy sniffles by his chief resident.
  14. He knows how to play the guitar and piano and can actually sing pretty well. Although you will probably never hear him try to sing well cause he exaggerates the song and gets silly if he has an audience.
  15. He is really easy going and is happy to do whatever I want to do, or things that Dylan may want to go do.
  16. He is a social butterfly and doesn't enjoy being alone. (his mom always says he had to always have a friend over as a kid.)
  17. He is an optimist all the way. Sometimes I wish he would worry more!
  18. He always comes home in a good mood and is rarely grouchy. I would say he is just a naturally happy person. I'm not sure how he does it when he spends all day doing what he does which I know is hard.
  19. He has a major soft spot for our kids and is very sweet with them.
  20. He loves going out to eat and has a weakness for unhealthy food. His favorite food is mexican food.
  21. He is a pretty self confidant individual which will hopefully make him a successful oral surgeon.
  22. He is a good friend and will always help someone out.
  23. He is fun to be around and fun to talk to. He was the only guy who I could literally be on the phone for hours with when we were dating.
  24. He tries his best to make me happy and looks out for my best interests.
  25. He is a little bit of a spender and definitely not cheap which can be good and very bad at the same time.
  26. He is really good at putting up with me and my bad moods. He can usually make me smile/laugh when I am trying really hard to be mad at him. It's so annoying!
  27. He always makes me feel better when something is bothering me and does the same with other people.


Carl and Starla said...

Happy Birthday, Nick. Also, who doesn't have allergies in Memphis!

Marshall and Dana said...

Happy Birthday NIck! I agree with all of those, I have never seen him grouchy! I didn't know that he hates velvet, thats funny!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Nick!

emily said...

happy birthday old man.... sorry it wasn't such a great year for you as far as elections go! better luck next time eh??