Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another special birthday!

Jaxson Drew Coles was born December 20th 2007 in Omaha Nebraska

I can't believe my baby turned one today. I don't have a really dramatic birth story for him but I will do a recap anyways. I was scheduled for a cesarean a week before he was due. I was supposed to be the first cesarean of the day which meant we had to be there very early. Five something in the morning if I remember correctly. Our friends Marshall and Dana had Dylan spend the night over at their house the night before so we wouldn't have to wake Dylan up when we needed to leave. Well my delivery ended up being pushed back to nine in the morning so we did a lot of waiting. When Jaxson was finally delivered he weighed in at 8 lb 1 oz and was perfect in every way. I noticed those days in the hospital that he was going to be a clingy baby, since he preferred to sleep being held and would cry when he was laid down to be taken to the nursery. Let me tell you, my theory has proved true! We were lucky to escape colic or much fussiness, but he had his days and nights mixed up for the first two or three weeks which was nearly the end of me. I remember we celebrated my birthday shortly after he was born, and my birthday wish was that he would get his sleeping schedule corrected!

Well somehow I have managed to recover from surgery, sleepless nights, mastitis, recurrent blocked milk ducts, and I can say we survived the first year. The first year of having a baby is brutal. For those who say it is easy, well... I don't believe you. I felt this way after Dylan too. I have a hard time functioning without sleep and early mornings are the worst. Luckily now Jaxson sleeps through the night and rarely wakes up before seven. (yes seven is still too early but I can manage!)

Despite it all Jaxson has been a good baby. It doesn't take much to make him smile and he is very content when he is having things go his way. Which means Nick or I are holding him or at least with him at all times. When we are out and about he is always content and mellow. He loves his brother Dylan and tries to play with him all the time. Some of his other favorite things are pacifires, a blanket grandma made for him, a stuffed animal monkey, and he is already a sweet tooth. Even if he has NO TEETH! That's ok cause I love his gummy smile :) He is doing really well with cruisng along furniture, but he isn't walking unassisted just yet. I can't believe how much he has changed and grown in one year. I added a slide show below to see the difference a year makes!

Happy Birthday Jaxson we love you!!!


emily said...

you can't beat that smile...

maren said...

so what if i am having a dry spell...i'm getting there!! i've been shopping for your husband! :)
i can't believe he's one...i didn't realize his birthday is the day after nick's. tell them both happy birthday from us! and soon to be yours!