Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Recaps

Snow Day!
A couple weeks ago it actually snowed quite a bit here in Memphis. When I say quite a bit that means a few inches that actually stuck around for a day instead of melting instantly. Dylan really wanted to make a snow man and luckily Nick was home to help him out. I didn't buy Dylan any snow boots so I put my boots on him. He was wearing so many layers of pants the boots didn't fall off when I zipped them up! Dylan was so proud of his snow man but it unfortunately melted away by then next day! I'm glad we got at least one good snow day here in Memphis, so he could play in it!

A couple weekends ago we went bowling with our friends James and Kara. We hadn't been bowling in a long time. Besides the fact I sucked worse than normal it was still a fun time. Nick took a bowling class at Utah state so he is decent at bowling. I really need to learn how to bowl so I don't embarrass myself next time we go with other people!

A couple weeks ago we planned a birthday party for my friend Whitney. It was supposed to be a surprise but that morning Whitney went over to Emily's house and she was in the process of baking her cake. Whitney smelled it and knew what was up. We had a great cake and played a few rounds of a game called Spoons. Her and Emily's sue dates are a day apart and we were trying to figure out who has the bigger belly. Those things on their chest are Survivor buffs (from the show) and no I am not sure why they are around their chests lol. Anyways just thought I should explain that picture! We had a fun night!


Brooks said...

Glad for an update! Your feet are tiny so no wonder Dylan could fit into them and you can never hide a good cake smell from a pregnant lady. I remember. Miss you!

Michelle said...

OMG, I saw the dark-haired pregnant girl and totally thought it was you for a second - LOL. Phew!

Thanks for the updates! Dylan's cute in the snow :-)

Kara said...

I usually suck at bowling too. I was suprised I did as well a I did the first game. We had so much fun though we need to get together again soon. Maybe next weekend???

emily said...

so.... who do you think has the bigger belly???? hmmm?????

Jeannette said...

Whitney appears bigger cause she sticks out more, but you are a little more proportioned in how you carry the baby. So I don't know!