Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catching up!!!

Dylan's first time roller skating!
The gang!
Dylan and Boo concentrating on not falling!
Jaxson driving me crazy, running all over the place!

I took Dylan roller skating with some friends a few days ago. He had never been before and he improved a lot after spending a good amount of time falling. Luckily my friend's husband was there to take his hand and help him go around the rink until he felt comfortable to try himself. I would have like to help Dylan, but Jaxson was running all over the place and I had to keep getting him before someone ran over him! So now Dylan is pretty steady on his feet and can walk with the skates on. We still need to master the actual rolling part!

Valentines Festivities!

Dylan made valentines to give out in preschool
My mom mailed him a box of these Diego valentines which saved me a trip to the store!
Dylan showing off the cute card my mom sent him and Jax, and I got them this balloon.

Valentines day was fun for us. Dylan had his class party at preschool and we went to a Valentine's dance at church. It was actually pretty fun and Dylan and Jaxson liked dancing. The next day (which was valentines day for real) I gave Nick and the kids some chocolate and candy plus their balloon. That balloon is still going strong and seems to be Jaxson's favorite thing in the whole world. Since he got it, he walks around the house with it non stop. Anyways, Nick and I were actually able to go on a date that night since our friends Natalie and Brandon were babysitting. Nick wanted to take me to a restaurant called Houston's but they had a 2 1/2 hour wait! All of the restaurants had at least a 2 hour wait and we called a ton! So finally we settled for Pei Wei and it was still good food plus no wait! We attempted to see a movie after but the theater had a line of like a hundred people outside. It was CRAZINESS! So we decided to go home and watch a movie instead. Afterwards we went and picked up our kids. It was a fun night!

Happy Birthday!

Rebecca gettting ready to blow out the candles
Here she is showing off the master piece I created

It was my friend Rebecca's birthday a couple weeks ago so some of us girls got together for dinner at the Olive Graden and then headed back to my house for cake and ice cream and to watch the bachelor. This is the first cake I have ever baked in my life. It looks like Dylan made it but at least it tasted pretty good. I was kind of embarassed because I seem to know a lot of domestic divas who can make a far more attractive cake from scratch! Oh well, maybe one day but for now it is baby steps for me! We have actually started watching the bachelor at my house ever since this night and I am going to be sad when it ends! It is hilarious to watch a show like the bachelor with a bunch of girls, and is way more fun than watching it alone!


Kyle and Janel said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast. Jantsen and Dylan would have so much fun rollerskating together. Fun stuff. And I totally have to agree that watching the bachelor with girls is the way to go!! Go Melissa!!

Kara said...

I was so sad I couldn't come last monday!I knew he was going to cut Jillian. I love your blog, by the way!

Rebecca or Britton Curtis said...

You are seriously such a sweet and wonderful friend to do that for me. I had so much fun that night--it just doesn't get any better than Olive Garden, right? I was seriously so touched that you made your first cake EVER for me!!! I don't think I'll ever forget that. Thank you so much for your friendship; you're the best!!! xoxox