Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jaxson can finally crawl!

He's coming for my camera here
A cute picture of the boys

After a month of trying really hard to crawl Jaxson is finally doing it. Tonight was the first time he actually crawled for real, as opposed to pushing himself around with his arms or just scooting. He just turned 9 months old so he is crawling a month sooner than Dylan did. I am surprised by those babies crawling around by 6 months, maybe I just didn't put my kids on their stomachs enough. I can't believe how big both the boys are getting. I predict Jaxson to be walking at 12 months also a month earlier than Dylan did. So far he is doing everything a month sooner than Dylan so we will see if I am right. Dylan hit a major growth spurt this summer and suddenly he has needed new socks and shoes but his clothes still seem to fit. I am not sure if it is really just his feet that got huge but it seems like it! They are growing up too fast!


Marshall and Dana said...

That is a really cute pic of the boys!

Michelle said...

Wow, they are so cute! Congrats on the crawling!

Kathy said...

Don't worry...Kassie didn't crawl until 9 months and Timothy never crawled at all, but started walking at 10 months! I can't believe how much the boys look alike!