Monday, October 5, 2009

An update.. FInally!

Dylan's last day of preschool
T-ball game
Trying to play tennis after swimming
Jaxson loves swimming!
Gulf shores Alabama
Playing in the sand
Dylan like to use his spider-man goggles and flippers at Lake powell
Jaxson on the boat
Nick showing off his skills
Dylan and his cousin loved tubing
First day of kindergarten!

I'm not sure if anyone still reads my blog anymore since I fell off the face of the earth for five months, but I decided to update anyways! I will try and sum up the past few months without making this post too long. We had a great summer and it went by really fast. Dylan went to a couple of bible camps, sports camp, basketball camp, and got a chance to play T-ball for the first time. He also went to an all day karate camp. Needless to say I was trying to keep him busy when preschool was over! Jaxson loves the water and has no fear when it comes to jumping in a pool (a little scary)... Nick had a great schedule since he was on an a nice rotation. He was done early every day, off on weekends, and took no call! It has been really nice. I went and bought a sewing machine this summer and made a couple projects. Never thought I would take up sewing but it I had to keep up with all the girls around here that sew for fun! We took a trip to gulf shores in August and we all loved the beach! There was white sand and the water was great! We hope to make some more beach trips while we are out here! We also flew out to Utah and made a trip to Lake powell for a few days. Dylan impressed us all by water skiing behind the jet ski like a pro! I was able to get up on the wake board even though it had been a long time since trying it. Dylan is also in kindergarten this year! He had been doing really well and enjoys it even though it is a long day for him. He leaves at 8:30 and comes home at 4:30 so it is a long day for him. The only other update I have is that I am pregnant! I am fourteen weeks along right now and it started off as a great pregnancy but then the morning sickness hit me strong when I was almost 11 weeks. I hope it all goes away soon! Besides that my only other complaint would be the extreme fatigue which has let up this past week. I am hoping this last baby is a girl but if not, I will just have to adjust to the idea of having three boys. I need to also adjust to the idea that Jaxson and this baby will be a little under 2 1/2 years apart yikes!!!


Kara said...

Love the blog post. Good thing I reminded you because all the sudden you were going to post that you had a baby and nobody was going to know that you were even pregnant;) Where was the picture of you tubing?

The Bailey's said...

YEAH!! Girl you keep posting them and we will read them...I loved it. I am with you on the the gulf shored trip...we are so there!

Marshall and Dana said...

Thanks for the update! Lexi is so excited to see Dylan she draws pictures of them two all the time and keeps telling her carpool friends that he is coming(they dont seem to care, but she tells them anyways over and over) Looks like you guys had a fun summer! If you get a boy you have to try one more time for a girl! I know you can do it ;) Good luck with that morning sickness and try to stay away from the swine flu ;) Can't wait to see you guys!

Jeannette said...

Kara- Your blog is private now??? where is my invite? The tubing was at lake powell.

Brooks said...

So glad to hear ya'll are doin great! I love Dylan's spiderman swim outfit. I'm right behind you with two boy (they'll be 2 years apart). Hope you get your girl! If only for the adorable little outfits you'll go broke buying.

Kara said...

haha, no I mean where was the picture of you tubing??! I need your email so I can invite you. My blog is very exclusive now;)

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